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My Bella...from your Daddy Tag #6744
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Story submitted 2013-07-05
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Sweet girl…..I just left you as you crossed the bridge this morning. I’m still crying as I write this but I have to let the world know who you were. Somehow you found me and wandered into my life back in 2008. You were a little thing, but had the biggest heart. You were found wandering alone, cold and hungry on the streets in Virginia. One assumes that your previous so called family dumped you when you needed them most. It hurts my heart to think of you, blind alone and scared while you tried to search for your family. Thankfully animal control found you and got you warm and comfortable before DRNA came running to your rescue. Word of a pretty little girl, lost and alone went like wildfire through the ranks of the DRNA and somehow you chose your forever home. For such a little girl, you came into your new home and took over like you were always here with me! Remember the hours and hours of sleeping and snuggling on daddy’s lap? Or when you barked loudly (especially loud coming from such a little lady!) demanding that daddy bring you a drink because you were warm and toasty under your blanket? Or just holding you and rocking you for hours...Those memories are forever in my heart and soul.
Although it’s been several years in your forever home, it still was not enough. Fate stepped in again and daddy had to carry you to the bridge where you will be with Patrick, Ty, Raz, Lucky and Max…..I see you in my thoughts, made whole again. Forever peaceful and never in pain again. I always said you were a rescue but never explained to anyone that it was you that rescued me. So many nights you laid on my chest and made all of daddy’s frustrations and challenges seem so small compared to the little bundle of love cradled on my chest.
Bella, I am so thankful that you found me and I hoped I loved you as much as you deserved! Sleep tight baby girl…..you’ll always be daddy’s girl. Love your dad, Joe