Dachshund Rescue of North America
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Congratulations! By considering DRNA, you’ve just taken the first step in becoming a guardian angel to our special short long dogs! The idea of being part of an organization that actively helps dachshunds is a very good feeling. But, now is the time to stop and give thoughtful consideration to what rescue is, what it isn't and whether it is for you.

DRNA is a group of extraordinary rescuers committed to helping dachshunds in need. It is a 24-hour per day, 7 day per week endeavor. Think about your own pups. Just about everything you do or don’t do, you take them into consideration. And then think about where DRNA pups come from. They come from shelters, breeders or owner surrender. These are pups that may come to you sick or injured, but always scared or confused. In providing a place for these pups to become healthy, adoptable pups, you must provide a safe environment, both for them and for your own. And you must ready them for the new homes. That can mean housetraining [most of the time] or other training, such as walking on a leash.

In addition to caring for these pups, you also will also be involved in their placement…putting them on the website, answering inquiries, screening applications, deciding where they will be placed, handling the paperwork for their placement and arranging for them to get home!

You may also have foster homes that you will have to manage. And, then of course, there are the day-to-day rescue issues, new ones needing a place, etc.

The key ingredients of rescue are the time & energy necessary, personal commitment, support of your family, willingness to learn & the desire to make a difference. If you meet these qualifications, we urge you to apply for membership.

We also recognize that there are people who, indeed, love dachshunds & want to help as much as we do, except they are not in a position to make this kind of commitment. There are other ways you can help.