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Story submitted 2006-04-05
I now has 2 cat brothers, Buddy and Lucas he also has 1 dog sister, Boo, and also 2 dog brothers Max and Drew. Though Max and Drew live with another daddy in Cary. I really loves seeing them because they are just like me, and they seem to be taking to me really good now. I still has not gotten the cat thing, they seem more toys than brothers, But they stay fit with all the running they do to get away from me. I love to go for rides alot, and when my daddy get home from work I just jumps for joy. I enjoy going to PetSmart now, me and my sister went the a week after coming to my new home and I got lots of new things to play with, I even got to meet some really nice people who wanted to pet me, I played shy for awhile then let the kids come to me. I had my dady wrapped around my little paw when I wanted something all I had to do was look at it. I do enjoy when I get to sit in daddy's lap while he works at the computer cause then I can sleep some. Daddy says that I am getting spoiled rotten, I have no clue what he means, I would never get that spoiled....lol. Though I still miss my foster mommy Pam, daddy says I can see her whenever she or I want to. She is a really great mommy. I am so glad she got to meet my new daddy and let me live with him and the rest of the family. Thats all for now. I just hope my other brothers and sister at DRNA finds themself a good home like I did.

Love you all,