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Story submitted 2007-02-04
Amani is a goreous chocolate and tan, seven year old boy dachshund that came to us from Florida. He was in several homes and always ended up back with his loving foster parents Peggy and Bill Wright. I believe we were his sixth or seventh home. And trust me its a forever! I'm so in love with him. We do everything together. He has become such a mama's boy, which I love.

Amani is one of the five dogs in the house. We also have four Wire Hair Fox Terriers. Amani, has fit in so perfectly! He plays all day long with the others, always stealing their toys and hiding them somewhere they can't reach. They are always chasing each other around the house, out the doggie door... Around and around they go, they have such a great time together and then they fall asleep with their heads on each others backs exhausted. It's so much fun to watch the everyday episodes of games they play. Every day is such a joy, to have Amani in our lives. I couldn't imagine my life with out him! I can't thank everyone enough, who made it possible to have Amani in our lives.

Thank you,
The Lorah Family