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Alonzo & Mr. Cooper
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Story submitted 2011-03-17
I decided I wanted another dachshund after a couple of times dachshund setting for my son Terrence�s mother. My nine year old female, Cocoa, seemed to come alive after those visits. I did not want a puppy. I was given a pamphlet from DRNA. Terrence and I went to an adaptation show in Greensboro, North Carolina held by DRNA. I was looking for a dog similar in size and age to Cocoa. Terrence was attracted to a standard male that was on crate rest due to leg reconstruction surgery. I did not lean towards the standard size but Terrence and Alonzo really hit it off.

We decided to adopt Alonzo, and on November 24, 2003 he came to his permanent home. It took a while for Alonzo and I finally worked out a compromise of when and where to do the physical therapy on his leg. He will snuggle up to me lying on his back in the mornings. I then could work with his leg without complaints. Alonzo did not know anything about house training. He was a fast learner though. We had the usual time getting to know the house and everyone in it. It seems to take almost a month before a dog really becomes comfortable, and feels like a member of the family. That is when their real personalities shine through. Alonzo loves everyone and will steal your heart. Oh yes, I am very fond of standards now.

I had no desire to get a third dog and that was the last thing on my mind when we went to the North Carolina Weiner Roast. I've never seen that many dachshunds in one place before. Alonzo's recovery amazed all those involved with his rescue. I met Cooper at the picnic. He is 15 years old and therefore I knew that he would be difficult to get adopted. There is someone for every dachshund it just takes time to find them sometimes. At 15 years old his clock was ticking. I had a full summer and asked to be notified at the first of August if he hadn�t found a home. I got an e-mail the first of August telling me he was still available. I agonized over the decision as to take him or not. His foster mom was going on vacation so I picked him up for the week she was gone. I decide to keep Mr. Cooper (Cooper didn�t seem proper for a senior). Sometimes you make a decision with the heart, and sometimes with the head. Mr. Cooper was the latter. He has his idiosyncrasies as do all seniors, but if I didn't give him a home then who would? Mr. Cooper as it turns out has made a pleasant and welcome addition to my family. He may never learn all I would like him to learn, but I have the satisfaction of knowing he has a loving home for the rest of his life. I know I will enjoy what ever time we are allowed together.

Jeff Coy
High Point, NC