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Allison (now Twinkie)
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Story submitted 2005-02-14
We rescued Alison in April 2000. We already had a big dog but we wanted a little dog. We found DRNA and looked for a dog that was good with kids (Our kids were 6 and 11 at the time) and other dogs. Alison seemed like a good match. We went through the adoption process and picked her up in Carlisle PA on our way from Pittsburgh to Cape Cod. Since she had been abandoned and she hadn't had her name for too long we changed it to Twinkie. She settled in nicely with our other dog Tara and enjoyed sleeping on Tara's bed. Three years later we adopted another dachshund (Auggie) from our local shelter after they brought in about a dozen dachshunds from a puppy mill. Twinkie enjoys snuggling with Auggie and lying in the sun. We have greatly enjoyed having Twinkie at our home and we would recommend DRNA rescue to anyone looking for a dachshund.

Denise, Brian, Annie, Owen