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Ali and Lisel (and Willie, too)
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Story submitted 2008-03-04
The Dachshund Rescue gave me another gift. First, my precious Ali (far right), a mini Dachshund and in December of 2006 our Lisel, a wire hair Dachshund. Lisel was removed from a puppy mill and then came to a shelter. She was adopted by a family that could not cope with her and brought her back. I saw a picture of her in the DRNA website and somehow knew that she needed me.

Never did I imagine what we were in for. Ear piercing screams came out of her. We could not get near her neck to hook a leash on her. For four months we had to let her live with a leash hooked to her collar. There was no catching her without the leash to train her to go outside. Even then, she relieved herself at any attempt to come close to her. We have come a long way with her and still have some hills to climb.

She now is a loving Pet. If I am sitting on a chair, she will come on my lap. Ali and Lisel are best friends and our Willie (shown with Lisel in photo), another one of our Dachshund, loves Lisel too. Sometimes they sleep in the same chair.

We are blessed with all three.
Ute Anderson
E. Berlin, PA