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Story submitted 2008-12-05
Hi I'm Ace!I was rescued from Kentuckey back in June 08'. I was in bad shape, I hada bad disc, my legs we gone. I was dragging my self all over and not having much fun being tied to a tree. The family that had me couldn't handle it. A kind soul saved me and got me to DRNA. Kristel came and got me took me all the way to Maryland. Before I knew it I was operated on and on the road to recovery. I looked real bad kinda like a skeleton, all I wanted to do was sleep and play with squeaky toys. I weighed around 9 lbs. Well, Kristel took me through the worst part it was time for me to get a forever home, up for adoption I went. I wanted a new forever home ;but I knew it wasn't going to be easy, I wasn't walking real good ,I still had some control issues, well you know! It wasn't long before I melted some ones heart. I got adopted on Labor Day.

I have 4 brothers, Oscar,Mugs,Dexter and the social butterfly Levi, Mugs,Dexter and Levi are DRNA dogs too! If you can imagine anything better than that listen to this-----I have squeaky toys all over ,there all mine , well ok I have to share. I'm in heaven, I have the big bed, a backyard, best of all I have a massage therapist that's given me the strength back in my legs so I walk on ALL fours now it's great! I keep up with the other guys. My new mom loves me just the way I am, it was tough in the beginning; she never gave up.

Yet another success for DRNA,for me, most of all for Ace. I had my doubts with him, he's trued out to be a great addition to the family. No matter how it would have turned out Ace had his home. Seeing him now, how he looked when I got him, he's lost that puppy face and grown into a handsome little man, so soft and gentle. He falls asleep with a toy in his mouth every night.

Thank you all for letting us have another addition to our Doxie clan, 5 now --what fun we have!!! They own the bed!!!!!

Nancy S