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Story submitted 2005-11-01
My name was originally Laurel Anne when I was adopted on July 17th 2005, but my parents changed my name to Abigail, most of the time they just call me Abby. I am a dachshund mix, we are not sure with what but it doesn�t really matter. I love my new home in the country; I love to run and chase all of the squirrels and chipmunks.

I was a very young puppy when I came here; just 10 weeks old, so I am learning all kinds of new things like how to sit, stay and lay down when my mom tells me. I have an older sister Joey (who is a rescue dog too) who has shown me all the good places in the woods to play, we are inseparable. I want to thank Kathie Cannell and her husband for delivering me to my new parents. They are so happy to have me, and they told me that whenever it is time for another dog, they will get one through the DRNA because the experience was so wonderful.

Abby, Joey, Barb and Tom Rupp
contributed November 2005