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Story submitted 2011-03-17
In memory of Woody (Kanungo), 1996-2008

Woody was a God's gift to us. He stole our heart. Took our hearts with him when he passed away on October 20, 2008 after only five years of his life with us. I thank Sue Shumard for bringing Woody into our lives in August of 2003.

Woody was 7 years old, weighed 4lbs, falling hair (because of an untreated Thyroid condition), bad teeth,bad breath, ring worm and tape worm when he came. He was afraid of everyone, but he was very comfortable with me from the first time I picked him up. No one else could pick him up including my husband or my son possibly because of physical abuse by men.

He was put on thyroid medication, his remaining 8 teeth had to be pulled during his first dental check up in the following year, worms were taken care of. During his second visit to the Vet in three months he looked like a little prince. He had gained weight to be around 9lbs. Even our Vet was thrilled to see him. The staff adored him and always teased him to hold him - called him mama's boy. The kids in the neighborhood wanted to pet him - but they could do so only when I was holding him. He was always the first in line to get food and treat. First thing in the morning he would bark at my Husband to get his Yogurt drops. His three buddies would follow him to get their treats. Around 4 PM every afternoon he would start looking at the garage waiting for my husband to come home and give him his treat. His bark was Teddy's eyes(Teddy is totally blind). Woody would almost talk to my husband to get the treats but would never let my husband pick him up because he couldn't overcome his prior emotional/psychological scar. Woody was the smallest of our four rescue dogs but, he was like the spark and life of the pack(inside his home of course). He gave us more than what we gave him. It's hard to describe the joys he brought to our lives. Woody left to be with his heavenly father, and the house is so empty without him.

We all loved you Woody more than you realize and will miss you now, always, and forever.

Raj, Lekha, Tim & Daisy, Noelle, Teddy (Kanungo)