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Story submitted 2011-03-17

A very special doxie who truly loved life. Weezer showed the world being a cart dog was an ok thing. Even though he was only with me for two years it seems like a life time and was not enough. Weezer's favorite joy was shredding his toys. I do not know who wrote this poem but it touches my soul about my "Weezie".


My knees are weak and my eyes are teary.
My heart, it aches, and my soul is weary.
My hands, once strong, have lost their grip.
And my spirit, once whole, is tattered and ripped.

So stop all the clocks and cover the sun.
The goodness in life is over and done.
And stop all the smiles, and feeling of glee.
It's simple nothing good can ever be.

No joy can reside in a heart so broken.
No smile can come from kind words spoken.
They will be no flowers in spring or winter's day snow.
Four seasons of loneliness is all that I'll know.

Weezie You are gone?

But the sun rose today, and the winds they blew,
And the Earth still turned even without you.
But how? It makes no sense, you see.
Without you, nothing good ever will be.

But it does, it is, and will always be so.
Life carries on even after you go.
And I don't know how and I don't know why.
But one day I'll wake and I finally won't cry.

And the sadness I feel so deep and so true.
Will be smothered with love and fond memories of you.
I believe in Heaven, and should I go to that place.
I know the first thing I'll see will be my little dog's face.

I love you Weezer,