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Toby and Jay
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Story submitted 2010-03-09
We adopted Toby, who was 10, from Rachel in Rhode Island in January 2005. She had rescued him when he was dropped off at an animal shelter in horrible shape. He loved to push his ball around the yard with his head, he'd do it for hours if we let him. He was a great dog. He died of cancer on 2/6/09.

In his honor, we adopted Jay, who was 11, from Jill in Indiana in April 2009. We only had him 10 short months. He was the quietest, kindest, and most gentle dog we have ever met. He loved to take naps in his heated bed. He was never any trouble- so easygoing! He died of systemic mast cell cancer on 2/6/10. We take comfort in the belief that they are together on the Rainbow Bridge , waiting for us. Now in Jay's honor, we will adopt another senior...

Mary and Bill Charpentier