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Story submitted 2011-03-17

A young DRNA foster, paralyzed from his waist down, Squirt never had the opportunity to go to a forever home. He was fun loving young boy and in his mind he had no limitations. He favorite joy in life was rolling in and out of the flower bed. He is now playing at the Rainbow Bridge in the flowers.


I see life from a different perspective.
In spite of my size I'm very protective.
I'm brave and loyal and very smart
I'll worm my way into your heart.

You'll wonder how you lived before,
Without me there to clean your floor.
To brighten your life and make your day
And let you know when its time to play.

I'm ankle high but very long
And I can tell when something's wrong
I'll do my best to dry your tears
And help you face the things you fear

And if the time should ever come
When I can't walk, much less run,
I know that you will be right there
And every night you'll say a prayer

I may get better, or maybe not
But we'll be together, no matter what!
And I can still make you smile
And you will know its all worthwhile.

Remember, I am brave and strong
I will learn how to get along.
I am dachshund! Hear me roar!
Now, can we PLEASE go play some more?

Author Unknown