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Story submitted 2011-03-17
In Loving Memory of "Scooter"

Dear Reader: My name is "Scooter" Adams and I am an 8-year-old, long-hair, black Dachshund.

I was about 4 years old when I came to my forever home with Lynn and Kathy Adams in 2004. After a long trip on the underground I was delivered to a household with, of all things, a CAT and a BIRD! I quickly realized my responsibility was to earn my way into the hearts of my new family and I did just that! I immediately worked my way into a regular spot on the "big bed" and I snuggled with Kathy as often as possible. Lynn petted me a lot and called me his little boy but the real truth was that I was Kathy's boy and she loved me dearly. My family vetted me regularly and they learned that I didn't get my name by accident-I was, indeed, a "Scooter." The vet knew why as well and she regularly expressed my anal glands to help me feel better.

I learned to get along with Sylvester the cat and found that if I ignored him he ignored me-and that was just fine. It was the same with Stormy, the parakeet, but he was an insistent creature until I snapped at him a few times and he found out that I might consider him for lunch some day.

I loved my home and Lynn and Kathy took me everywhere. Just put my crate in the car and off we went to explore new places, visit my grandparents and aunts, uncles and nieces. I wasn't the greatest traveler but I enjoyed the visits at the end of the trips. My grandfather sang in a barbershop quartet and on one visit they sang "Happy Birthday" to Lynn and I joined in. From that day forward I sang regularly and on request for anyone who asked. And sometimes when they didn't!

One day on a regular vet visit Doctor Johnson told Kathy that I was having trouble with my anal glands and that I should visit a lady surgeon. I did that and they made a surgery appointment for me. I had my anal glands removed and the surgeon found a lot of nasty, aggressive cancer. She gave me only six months to live.

Hey, don't get upset. I am strong willed and Lynn and Kathy gave me so much love that I could not leave them. Kathy took me to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Medicine School but they wanted so much money with no guarantee that I could even survive an operation of the type needed to solve my lymph glands problem that developed following my anal gland surgery. So we tried holistic medicine and I did, indeed, get better.

Lynn and Kathy contacted DRNA and found a wonderful friend for me and that's when "Scamper" came into my life. He became my new best dog-friend and we played together all day and into the night. He refreshed my spirit and brought me an even stronger will to live. I was so happy when Dr. Johnson told Lynn and Kathy that she was certain the anal cancer was gone. It had now been nearly a year since the surgeon had said I'd be gone in six months. Within a few weeks I was having troubles with bowel movements-I just couldn't "go." Lynn and Kathy took me to visit Dr. Johnson and she took some x-rays. Then we went to see a specialist.

The specialist was very nice to me but he had a lot of private conversation with Lynn and Kathy.

The last time I saw them they were crying and I was getting my "final medicine." My tail stopped wagging temporarily on July 12, 2008 with my parents by my side holding me in their arms.

Don't worry, dear reader, my tail is wagging again-at the Rainbow Bridge where I am romping and playing as a new and whole Dachshund, waiting for my parents to arrive and take me to Heaven with them.

With all my Dachshund love to you,