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Story submitted 2011-03-17
Pretzel was a wonderful companion, friend to all who knew him. His love of the outdoors, playing ball, gardening and generally “watching” the house were his passion. We got Pretzel when he was four months old and he never failed to impress all who came in contact with him. Since he was a very large standard, who are now apparently very hard to come by, everyone stopped to talk to him and learn more about him. He was really the cutest dog ever! His personality was true Dachshund. If you thought you were going to get something done when you were outdoors, no way, since Pretzel needed to play ball 24/7 it seemed. I brought him into my office every day until he developed Diabetes when he was 13. Everyone looked forward to coming to work to see Pretzie. He loved going for walks in Bryant Park and checking out everyone’s lunch choices.

Pretzie developed diabetes about two years ago, but did very well on the injections and was as lively as ever. Recently however he really slowed down. It is very difficult to watch your wonderful companion of so many years deteriorate. He will always have a very large place in our hearts and we hope to see him in the Memorial Garden. We love and miss you very very much our Pretzie.

- Thanks,
Stephanie Adolph