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Story submitted 2009-05-01
I adopted Philly in the summer of 2004. He was, from the beginning, a 'spirited' little guy. Or maybe 'little' isn't the best word. He was a chunky monkey. Like his mommy, Phil struggled throughout his adult life with his weight. Philly became best friends with my white lab Jack. Although - it didn't seem that Jack was aware of that. Philly loved his big, 'little' brother and, if he wasn't following me around, he was following Jack. Often times Jack just seemed to tolerate Philly...he seemed almost aloof and indifferent. Now with Philly gone...I know that wasn't true. He is genuinely sad. He seems lost sometimes and I swear that he looks wistfully at the place on the couch that Philly made his special place. I believe he misses the little guy as much as I do.

I am truly blessed that Philly came into my life. He touched me in so many ways. His little quirks...the doxie smiles he gave when I walked into the house...the way he would run in circles when guests came over and jump up begging for kisses...how he would run down his ramp at night when I turned off the TV and said 'beddy' because he was so eager to sleep in bed with me... how he would roll on the ground inviting me to give his belly rubs and kisses. I miss all these things and more every single day. I know I will never find a doxie like Philly. He was so special. But I hope in the near future to have another little guy (or girl) in my life giving me that unique style of doxie love . And I know Jack would like that as well...