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Story submitted 2009-10-02
Pepper was 12 years, 4 months when we discovered she had lymphoma and possibly Cushings disease. She had been aging, but all of a sudden she started crashing fast over a two week period of time. When she did not respond well to chemotherapy treatments we had to put her to sleep, the hardest decision I have ever had to make. For all of those 12 years she was like one of my children. She was a child that never argued with me, didn't mess up the house and never talked back. I have no doubt Pepper could read your mind whenever you thought about giving her a bath, cleaning her ears or going to the Vet you would catch her watching you and soon she was off to hide. She loved the beach and even as a senior a trip to the beach turned her into a little puppy. She also had the most uncanny powers of persuasion, something my husband could never resist. If she wanted something to eat, she sat in front of the refrigerator until he took notice. The last day, I cooked her chicken for breakfast and hand fed it to her. She ate every last piece.