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Oscar (Oscy)
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Story submitted 2011-03-17
(1992 - 2007)

In memory of Oscar - Oscar was a little guy with a big heart and bark who was very loyal to his family. Never fully realizing he was a dog and not a human, Osc loved being involved in everything going on in our house and like to be picked up so he could see what was going on. From chasing birds in the yard to stealing food from the table, his mischievous nature sometimes got him into trouble but his cuteness always got him out of it. Oscar was very protective of our family and was a great watchdog despite his tiny stature. He definitely didn't act like he only weighed 8 pounds, especially when it came to eating! Meatballs, potato chips, Cheerios and coffee were among his favorites.

Osc loved to curl up with us on the couch and always showed affection; he could sense when you needed some cheering up. He loved to be the center of attention and would get jealous when our mom hugged us. Osc was such a happy little dog, he would wag his tail so hard his butt shook when you greeted him and clapped your hands. We'll always remember running around like crazy in the kitchen with him when he came in from the yard after eating some 'magic mushrooms.'

Oscar was part of so many chapters of our lives and gave us many happy memories. We'll keep him in our hearts forever. We'll miss you little man, but know you're with Pop sunning your tummy in the sun and enjoying endless supplies of meatballs. We love you Oscy.

Lauren & Jillian