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Story submitted 2011-03-17
In mid November of 2005 Max began his very short life in a central PA puppy mill. This particular miller feeds all of his dogs dried corn. After being weaned Max too was placed on a diet of dried corn.

On February 2, 2006, at approximately 10 1/2 weeks Max along with some other dogs came into rescue. From February 4 through February 24, 2006, Max was to visit the vet four or five times where it was believed he suffered from a viral infection of his intestines. On Thursday February 23, 2006, it became very apparent that Max was suffering from an obstruction of the bowel - he had lost almost a pound in a little over three days.

Late in the evening that Thursday Max was taken to the PET emergency facility where after a series of x-rays he was given pain medication and put on another round of antibiotics. Friday morning February 24, 2006, while the rest of his mill mates were being neutered Max underwent yet another exam where it was determined that while he would need surgery, he was a very poor candidate for surgery and probably would not survive it. He was quietly put to sleep.

Max is now buried in our back yard - this little puppy may have been born in obscurity but in just a very short time he ingrained himself in our hearts where he will live on for the remainder of our lives.