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Story submitted 2011-03-17
Link was born around 1981 and passed away in 1993.

He was born with a birth defect that caused his front feet to have deformed toes. Because of this, he walked with a slight limp (although it never stopped him in his pursuit of neighborhood cats, nor did it impede his ability to catch mice). He soon figured out that if he was not getting all the attention he wanted, he could exaggerate his limp and get lots of sympathy that way.

He was also a gentlemen, one of the few dachshunds I've met that wouldn't snatch a treat out of your fingers. He would take it gently and eat it politely. If he didn't like what you were giving him though, he wouldn't be rude and turn his nose up. He would simply take the snack and hide it behind the couch. I found a pile of dog biscuits that he didn't care for back there once.

He was a wonderful dog, and I still miss him. Thanks for preserving His memory in such a wonderful way.

Thank you,
Owned and Loved by Mary Janes