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Story submitted 2011-03-17
Holly Van Dervort - 1996 - 9/22/2008 (picture with Noel attached on our last trip to Lake Eerie in August)

I find myself thinking about our beloved little girl, our peanut, our Simba, our precious Holly - and missing her terribly. She loved to run like the wind, she loved to take long walks through Central Park, she loved car rides, she loved to play with her brother and sister (and boss them around), she loved to smile, she loved to snuggle, and she loved to give you kisses. She didn't even mind playing dress up. Holly was so young - even when she was incapacitated by a back injury, she would scoot around the house and drag her little body over to where she wanted to sit, where she wanted to sleep, where she wanted to burrow - you know because she felt she was human. We lost our Holly to an incurable rare cancer - and we mourn. We will always hold Holly deep in our hearts - a dear friend of mine told me "Cry because it's over, while you smile because it happened." Holly has been released from any pain and is now running, and burrowing and free! We will see her again. Thank you Holly for gracing our lives - and giving us such happiness and unconditional love. You will be missed and loved forever.

Thank you.
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