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Story submitted 2010-01-01
Our Harry adopted us from DRNA in November 2004. He was a runaway from West Virginia and luckily he found his way to DRNA, and to our house! Only God knows what he went through before our skinny, scrawny little boy found us. He immediately became attached to both of us, and he became our only child. He was such a gentle soul--except when it came to treats, don't take those away! He had a serious case of OCD, he would always put all of his toys and bones in a pile together. We were lucky to be able to take him to the beach a few times, where he just loved running up and down the beach chasing birds. There was not a person that he met who did not remark what a great dog he was.

But most of all, Harry gave us so much love and allowed us to love him so much. He was a family member that we still miss dearly. It is amazing how unconditional love feels, both to give and receive. We thank Harry for that gift. Harry left us on September 30, 2009, when his tired heart valves finally gave out. His final gift to us was that he went quickly to the Rainbow Bridge and that he let us know we did not have to make that decision for him. He will always be in our hearts as our first child. It's a quiet house without your pitter-patter, Harry, and we miss you and love you so much.

Marco and Sara DaSilva