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Hamilton (Hammy)
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Story submitted 2009-11-17
In memory of Hamilton, who will always be "my puppy" - and a special thanks to Pam Glasser, DRNA rep in SC, for the use of her poem!

I see that you are sad today
Because my body died
But I am here beside you
And will remain by your side.

I love you more than life
For all you gave to me
No matter what I did in life
You loved and cared for me.

I am never leaving you
Can you feel me near?
By your side my spirit stays
Until you join me here.

Forever we will be together
In whatever lies ahead
God in Heaven knows my heart
It belongs with my best friend.

Joni Miller & Ray Miller
(Currently blessed with Cagne, Ozzie and Dolce, and formerly with Peanut, Teddy, Andy and Hamilton, who've all passed on.)