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HELLMANN the Wonder Wiener... (2004-2021)
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Story submitted 2021-07-13
Double Dapple Hellmann was born in a backyard in Missouri on April Fool's Day 2004. A stroke of sheer luck brought him north to Canada four months later - and he absolutely graced my life with his quirky personality until June 26, 2021 when, at just shy of 17 yrs and 3 months, I had to say goodbye.

Thank you Hellmann, for being a healer to your beloved Grandpa after his bypass and always being by my side for comfort during COVID lockdown... You were an inspiration to everyone all these years... always putting one paw in front of the other without fear and embracing life with your puppy spirit, even in your advancing years. You were one in a schmillion and I adored you.

Hellmann sleepingHellmann sleeping 2Hellmann 17th birthdayHellmann with one of his buddiesHellmann with momHellmann in his younger days 1Hellmann in his younger days 2Hellmann in his younger days 3Hellmann dressed up for HalloweenHellmann with his stuffed toyHellmann with his mom and a human friendHellmann on a Zoom call