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Rusty - Dedicated Love - Till Death Do Us Part Tag #12806
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Story submitted 2020-03-05
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Rusty - Dedicated Love - Till Death Do Us Part

Rusty was found alone with his deceased dad in Texas. Dedicated to the very end! While waiting on his dad to wake up he survived on cat food.
Daddy never woke up and the police finally came.
Rusty watched his dad go one way while being taken a different way. Confused and alone, he just didn't understand.
The officer took Rusty to the shelter to wait for family to come get him. They never did.

Rusty became unwanted or so he thought. DRNA stepped in when we were contacted.
Rusty came to us in poor shape. Skin issues, bad teeth, not up to date on vaccinations and in need of a neuter.
We wasted no time to take care of this sweet senior boy.

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