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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2020-03-04
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Lily is one of four dogs that was abandoned at a convenience store parking lot for how long we don't know.
Lily and two of her sisters, Vera and Rita, were captured and taken to the pound. The fourth dog was never found.
All three girls were pulled out of the pound by a local rescue only to be abandoned by that same rescue.
That rescue said that the girls were too scared and Lily was the worse.

Lily was the last one to get a foster and had to spend cold windy nights in an outside open kennel,
DRNA wasn't having that and decided to give her warm shelter by boarding her with a local vet.

The boarding costs for Lily added up along with additional vaccinations that were required.

This little girl needed her village and we came through.
Please consider donating to this special girl. Our Lily of the Valley.