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Rusty needs our help! Tag #12597
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2020-01-25
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Rusty lived in a rural area and ran freely eating out of trash cans and receiving handouts from everyone in the neighborhood for years never receiving any type of medical attention or treatment. Finally turned into DRNA we discovered he has round, hook and whip worms. He is anemic from the parasites doing their dirty work. That plus being very high heartworm positive, he was having problems breathing and the vet determined the heartworms were already doing damage compromising his body. We have to eradicate all the other parasites before we can even start heartworm treatment. He will also need to be neutered plus needs a dental. Medical bills will mount up quickly and any assistance you can help us with will be greatly appreciated. We will do everything possible to give this boy a chance at a better life and show him how important he is to us.

So HandsomeSuch a good guy down on his luck