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Peashooter and his harem of "golden girls" Tag #12626
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2019-07-05
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Peashooter is only nine years old and his harem is Hannah (16 years), Georgia ( 8 years), Missy (8 years), Sassy (10 years) and Stella (18 years). This is what happens when elderly owners are no longer able to care for their beloved dogs and struggle with letting them go. They all have tumors to be removed when they are spayed and Peashooter is neutered. All have severe dental disease and will be losing what teeth they have left. They are destined to be an expensive project but so well worth the effort. They are so happy with the slightest bit of affection. It’s so amazing how forgiving the dogs can be. Dogs are truly God spelled backward. The most unconditional love you will receive on this earth. Can you help them?

PeashooterPeashooterSassyGeorgiaHannahMissy--Has a large tumor on her stomachStella - 18 year old