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Story submitted 2018-12-02
Sebastian's dad, Rob, wrote to DRNA to let them know he passed away unexpectedly on Thanksgiving. The following is what he wrote to let us know how much he was loved and the joy he had in life.

My wife Juliana and I adopted Sebastian, a wonderful double dapple long hair, in October 2007, from DRNA in Northern Virginia. I’m so heartbroken to let you know that he passed away in his sleep suddenly and unexpectedly on Wednesday, November 28. We had just celebrated his 13th birthday on November 22 - Thanksgiving Day. I’m so thankful that we had our "little dude" for over 11 years - and they were great years! With his dachshund 12 year old sister Pickles, who we had when we adopted Sebastian (and is still searching for her brother) along with human sister Annie, who is two and is looking for “the Dude” (or “Bastian”) to share her chicken nuggets with, and his newest human brother, 4 month old Greg. We all love him so much and miss him terribly.

Sebastian was so loved by everyone he met because of his dashing good looks, smiling personality, and his eagerness to roll over for a belly rub. He was also quick to defend his territory, scaring off other dogs and kids who dared walk by the house or scare a delivery man. Though he was 12 pounds, he had the bark of a 120 pound dog! He was always super sweet and gentile with the human kids, he loved to play with his toys, romp around in the snow (my parents live in Michigan and he loved it at their house on the lake going for boat rides and really enjoyed the snow). He also loved to snuggle with my wife every night under a blanked, or with my grandparents, who visited often. I work from home and he used to follow me around everywhere. The silence is now very uneasy.

The last thing I said to him after taking him outside was “Good dude, Daddy loves you” along with a belly rub and ear scratch before he hopped into his bed under the Christmas tree. His human mom and I are devastated that we lost our little boy so suddenly.

I thought you should know that he was in great hands all these years, loved so much by so many family members near and far, and had lots of fun times and adventures with us. He was always with us. We enjoyed many vacations together. He was never put in a boarding house - we include Sebastian and Pickles in everything. He was my rock when I had a health issue several years ago. He was the best friend I ever had. I know he knew that. We would snuggle every day and he would always gently (or sometimes not so gently) kiss my nose.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank DRNA for trusting us with Sebastian. I attached a picture of him lounging on the couch on his birthday/Thanksgiving, he is such a sweetheart.

He had the best life with us, we miss him so much and will love him forever!

Sebastian--being adorableSebastian with his human sister, AnnieSebastian with his dad, Rob