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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2018-08-08
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Mar 2019: PUPDATE- Marshall was treated for heartworms in August. We repeated his heartworm test March 2 and unfortunately, he is still heartworm positive. This means that he will have to repeat the heartworm treatment. He is a trooper and I know he will pull through but its going to be rough. He was also diagnosed with stenosis of the trachea which causes him to sorta wheeze to try to breath sometimes. Its common in the toy breeds and for now, we are just going to keep a close eye on him and make sure he is comfortable.
If you would like to donate towards his heartworm treatment, which runs about $300, please donate on his link above.

Aug 2018:
This tiny red brindle wire haired doxie mix is lucky that he found himself to DRNA. He came from a hoarder with over 100 dogs! He is heartworm positive and has started his treatment. Marshall will be ready for his forever home by Christmas. He is a total love bug and everyone that meets him falls in love. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt him will have hit the doggie jackpot!
Marshall's heartworm treatment ran over $300. If you would like to donate towards his care, please click his link above.
Thank you!

Look at this handsome man!This is Marshall the day of his treatment, poor guy is tired and hurtingMarshall