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Story submitted 2011-03-17
Dora was picked up with her sister, Clair, in Cobb County, Georgia. Dora was about 14 or 15 years old. She came to live in her foster home August 15, 2010. Dora had a mammary tumor, a skin allergy, and serious mouth infection. Dora scratched almost continuously because of her skin issue. After trying several medications, we seemed to resolve the skin problem. She had to have several of her teeth and part of her lip removed because of the infection. She has been on antibiotics almost continuously for infections. Even though test came back negative, we suspect she had cancer in her sinuses.

Dora was almost completely house trained only having two known accidents in 8 months. We carried her out each time she indicated she had to potty. After 4 months of carrying her out and back in we were able to get Dora to come up the doggie ramp and through the doggie door. I could never get her to go down the ramp.

Why would anyone not care for a dog in the condition Dora was in? Why would anyone just put a dog out that was this smart. With so many people wanting to adopt dogs and so many people willing to rescue dogs, Why? Oh how we would have loved to have Dora when she was younger.

Dora Mae Pleasants was laid to rest April 10, 2010. She is out of her pain now and gone to live with God. She finally has Someone that will take care of her forever and ever. She will know pain no more. We love you Miss Dora and will miss you dearly. You were one of my prettiest girls in the world.

Jim and Scotty Pleasants
Proud Fosters, DRNA