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Story submitted 2011-03-17
Doodles, the little man in a dachshund housing, has left the building. Katy got doodles when he was already 7 years old. His former owners were greedy non-caring former Texans who dumped him at the humane society because he peed on the carpet. With tutelage by Cecil, his older dachshund step-brother and adopted pal, he was quickly heading out the dog door to water the lawn rather than the carpet. Initially afraid of men, by the time I came into his life, he was welcoming. I started walking him, something Katy had stopped doing due to his age. He took to it and demanded to be treated in the same way as the big dog, though he preferred to go walking without the other dog. A couple of years ago he endured the indignity of having to put up with a cat, but eventually came to a 'don't bark, don't care' policy of detente. But he started slowing down in the last couple of years, first he stopped jumping down from the coach and the ottoman and eventually stopped jumping up there as well. And more recently, the walks had become shorter and shorter. Anyway that brings us up to today. After suffering thru his kidneys deterioration, Katy let him go to the big fire-plug in the sky. Long live doodles!