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How Sophie2 Came to be,,,
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Story submitted 2017-12-19
The lineup of our dachshunds was Gretel, Sophie, Toffel, and Britta. Yes, we are biased about the breed. We got Gretel the day John Kennedy died. Sophie was given to us because the owners did not know what to do with her (wild). Toffel was Sophie’s puppy. Finally, Britta was a “defective” pet shop puppy (vet said her legs were too loose), so she was given to us without papers. Poo on the papers. She could run like the wind!
When Britta succumbed to heart disease in 2011, we were looking again, because a home without a dog is wrong! Now the internet came into play, the DRNA web site was found with pictures of dogs needing homes. Wow, the spitting image of Sophie was there, only she was named Dolly.
A call to Judy Wright encouraged me to fill out the paper work on Friday, Ms. Wright made a home visit on Saturday, (we passed muster), received an invitation to visit the foster family on Saturday, visited the foster family (two dachshunds of their own), took Dolly home on Saturday. Dolly seemed right at home that first day, claiming her basket immediately. Ms. Wright brought the papers to our home on Sunday and Sophie2 was “born”.
Sophie is 9 now, eats homemade chicken and rice with a scoop of Pedigree twice a day and has the most gorgeous shiny black coat. Every part of her is beautiful! Everyone in the neighborhood knows her since she gets her daily walk around the block. She's the Queen of her fenced back yard and a lightning-fast hunter of any squirrel or rabbit foolish enough to come in. Once in a while she catches one, too! This makes her very proud, when she thinks of the 55 million years of wild canines whose blood flows in her veins.
Sophie is a very loving dog who cuddles with us, has a sweet but mischievous personality (she will knock over the kitchen can in a heartbeat if she can), and we have come to understand she is very intelligent. Has a wonderful memory for the things she cares about, and disregards everything else. She has a trick for keeping warm on the couch or in her basket overnight of wrapping herself up completely in her favorite crochet afghans.
Thank you DRNA for providing us with a great companion who has shown us just how smart she is.