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Who Rescued Whom? Tink Has Brought Us Great Joy
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Story submitted 2017-09-17
In June of 2016 we had to put our yellow lab Farley down after a brief illness. It was so painful for my husband that he said he didn't think he wanted to get another dog. Well, about 2 weeks later, he said "I want another dog". I'd had dachshunds before, but my husband always had larger dogs. About that time, we went to German Fest in Milwaukee where the DRNA had a booth set up near the dachshund derby with some available dogs. It was there that we met (and I think immediately fell in love with) little Tinkerbell, and on August 26 of 2016 we brought her home. Her age (14 years) was a concern at first, but we resigned to taking each day as it comes and enjoying every moment we have with her, which based on the way she scampers about, will be many. My husband often tells people he's not sure who rescued who, as Tink brought us so much joy when we needed it most. She seriously brings a smile to everyone she meets, with her enthusiasm for life, her toothless smile and little tongue hanging out. She has even managed to make friends with our cat, which was no small feat. My husband has learned the advantages of smaller dogs being more portable. Tink has gone with us to Florida, New York State, and even Costa Rica, which she loves as she absolutely hates the cold weather and Wisconsin winters. She loves camping, outdoor concerts, farmers markets, and generally anywhere she can interact with people and other dogs and maybe score some treats.

We are so thankful to DRNA for bringing little Tinkerbell to us, and look forward to many more adventures and cuddles with her.

Jeff & Amanda Weiner

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