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Story submitted 2006-12-01
This is my favorite photo of Bubba, taken just a week before he was called home by God. Bubba was around 15 years old and we lost him to congestive heart and kidney failure on November 27, 2006. He was a rescue from Memphis and we were honored and blessed to have this special boy in our lives for a little over 6 years.

Bubba was a good boy who loved to eat and hang out on the couch...a real couch 'tater. He loved carrots and ice cubes for treats. He loved to run through the yard and "chase" airplanes and thunder. He was so sweet and loved to give kisses and have his ears rubbed. The loss of Bubba is devastating but we know he is with God in Heaven and we will see him again some day. Bubba was so loved and cherished and we miss him desperately. We adopted "Nick" from DRNA in Bubba's honor because we knew Bubba would approve of us bringing another abused precious boy in need into our loving family. Nick reminds me of Bubba very much.

Thank you DRNA for all you have done for us.
With Love, Family of Bubba.