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Goodbye to Cobe.
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Story submitted 2017-06-16
  We adopted Cobe when he was 10, along with his younger brother Louie ( parents, different litters).  Cobe was a bossy brother who kept patrol in the yard, chased the cat, and insisted on going through the doorway first.  He was an alert, athletic little fellow, and we enjoyed his silly noises, his curiosity, and even his vigilance.  He loved going for walks and he always loved his dinner!  As he aged, he became deaf, and finally had trouble walking.  So for the last few months when we walked Louie, Cobe rode in his radio flyer wagon.  From there he commented on the scenery as only he could do.  We will miss him, and so will Louie.  Cobe was 14 and 1/2.