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Story submitted 2009-02-28
Who knows what pain and indignities my little boy suffered before he was rescued in SC in the winter of 2004? Or what he had to do to survive? But, his strong determination (many have called it his stubborn Dachshund personality!!) served him well, and he arrived at my doorstep in 2005, ready to become "King of the house and all he surveyed"!! It didn't take him even 5 minutes to wrap me around his litttle right paw, and he still holds me there and in his heart! We had our share of struggles, especially figuring out who was Alpha in the house, and learning that men were not the enemy to be bitten at will!!! It took a while for Grandpa to becomne Brownie's friend, but they eventually found their common love for the recliner, and frequently took naps there, snoring in unison!!

For 3-1/2 years, Brownie was my soulmate and my constant companion. He was always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to heat my woes. He was there for happy times, too, and loved tearing up his squeaky toys and getting treats for good behavior. Belly rubs were always appreciated, just like walks in the yard and investigations of all things moving!! When Franklin joined our family, Brownie was quick to teach him the "law of the land" and then allow him to snuggle close by for security! I loved to snuggle with Brownie, too, and we spent many great evenings on the couch, just being together. Words were not necessary, just touching was enough.

So, run free, my beloved Brownie, and bite all you want. At the Rainbow Bridge, bites feel like kisses, and growls are love songs. After all, that is what you meant all along, isn't it??