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In Loving memory of Duke Perez -Rockaway,NJ Tag #1271
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Story submitted 2017-02-01
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My friend and loving companion passed on January 30, 2017. He was over 16 years old and pretty healthy until the last few weeks. He brought sunshine and happiness to our lives and loved us always.

He also would follow around as he always wanted to be near and make sure you were fine. He was so kind to people and loved children, loved to eat and love eating hot dogs and
was eating bologna up until the end, as this was all I could get him to eat.

He was much more then a friend he was my companion and part of the family, he would lay on my chest at night and cuddle and watch television with me. He was there for us always
and never let us down. He always listened and rarely did anything he was not suppose to. He knows he was loved behind what anyone could imagine and our hearts ache each every
day they we do not see his tail wagging or his happy little face.

The day you came into my life was the happiest day for me and my family and just knowing that will help us get through these sad days, But I do know you were loved, happy and healthy and that makes me so happy you were never sad. I am glad that the person before us gave you back because you growled when they cut your nails, because we were the luckiest people to get that chance to adopt you and love you. It was our gain, they do not know what they truly lost by giving you away, so God has blessed us with you and we are
so happy for that, it was meant for a reason.

So rest in peace and may you be happy with all the angels in dog heaven.

Love you always, Mom and and Dad and sis xoxo