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April Lazzaro
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Story submitted 2011-03-17
Dear DRNA,

We adopted April in 1996 April came from Maine.She lived with a very old lady who spoiled her until she was ten. The old person passed away. April was alone and frightened. The old lady's children did not want her,they did not know what to do with her,so they left her alone,or tied up or in a cage. April was finally taken in by DRNA. a foster family in Maine had her. I was searching the DRNA web site one day and there was a picture of April and her story .I already had four other Doxies,what do I want another one for? Well I adopted her. April was transported to Long Island,Mattituck NY.The transported would call collect with "woof woof" on the phone April came to me in October of 2000 via Maine,Massachusetts,Connecticut,across on the ferry to the North Fork of LI NY right in my driveway. My husband had just gotten home from open-heart surgery and my goodness what was I thinking!!!!She would sit on the sofa just to be petted all the time.Joe's recovery went well and April bondedAnyway the first few weeks we had to put her on the lead to take her outdoors. After that she went outside without anything she would stay on the property. My April lived another 10 years in our home.April was getting skinny.She was x-rayed and a large tumor was found. She wasn't in pain so the Vet said make her comfortable. She went outside to potty one November 2006' came back into the house and passed away under my kitchen table. We had a beautiful 10 years with her. She was always friendly and loving.She wanted to just lie there and be petted.Doxe Delights has a photo entitled "Stack of wieners" where all the Doxies were one on top of another hence stack o' wieners We do remember her much and yes it was hard those 1st few months. She added to our pack with the joy of a senior citizen.

Thanks Barbara & Joe Lazzaro,
Mattituck NY