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In loving memory of Our Little Humphrey Tag #10356
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Story submitted 2015-01-26
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We adopted our little Humphrey (nickname of Bug) from DRNA and since his date of adoption, he has been a treasure to us with his always-giving love. He was a little guy, but full of love. Our little Humphrey crossed to the rainbow bridge on January 19, 2015, approximately at 8:00 PM in a very peaceful way at home. His mom and dad along with his brothers and sister are heart broken. It was determined that our Bug had an enlarged heart with water around the heart. He is being cremated and we will bring him back home to be with his forever family. Humphrey was such a gentle, compassionate, mellow little guy that brought us so much joy and laughter to our household. From the first day we brought him home, he fit in our household perfectly. His new brothers, Bruto and Frankie (DRNA #8399) and his sister Princessa accepted him immediately. The first time, he dug a hole in the back yard was also the first time he barked for us in his raspy voice. He dug his first hole while barking and trying to get the attention of his brothers and sister. They came a running to see what he had found. Princessa, Bruto and Frankie became used to him digging holes and calling for them each time to see what he had found (even if he did not find anything, which was most of the time). Humphrey had this special look in his face and eyes when daddy came home from work. His ears were perked and he had a look of what's up dad on his face. Humphrey also did this in the evening when dad was giving out a treat. He would stand in the doorway of daddy's workroom and just look. Bug also loved running along the back fence line with his family and barking. He greeted every visitor that came through the front door as a welcome guest. He slept next to mom's head or shared her pillow every night when he went to bed. Mom was almost always home, so he followed her around wherever she would go. He gave mom a chuckle each day when she was in the shower and he was on the other side of the shower door waiting for her. Our house is very noisy with four of our loves and he joined right in with the fest; and you could see the happy light of his eyes when he did this, as he was one of the gang. He enjoyed riding in a car (even if it was to the vet) and liked to stretch out and relax. He even put up with his nails being cut! Our little guy will be very very much missed. He was such a treasure and a trooper. Humphrey, remember you are so so very much loved and missed. We will meet you at the rainbow bridge.

Doug and Lori Rickman