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To our son Eddie: Tag #3127
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Story submitted 2015-01-19
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The title says it all. You were never a dog to us. But our son. I don’t know where the last 10 years went Eddie. We wish we could have them all back.
I have written this 10 times, but it gets too wordy. Everyone thinks their Dachshund is special. And they are. But I could have written a best seller about Eddie.
He was unique, his antics, he had no tail, he had curly tipped ears. And mostly the goofiest walk. His back legs were bowed out and went out to the sides when he walked.
Eddie had a rough life somewhere before he came to us. And as soon as he came through our door back in 2005. It was no longer our house. But Eddie’s.
He ruled the house. He was a tough guy, stubborn, pig headed, difficult and always had to have his own way. And he did. There are so many stories. One being when he got a new toy, he would go to sleep on top of it so no one would take it on him. Or when he went to his food bowl, he would take his new toy and stand on top of it while he was eating so no one would take it. If Eddie was able to, he would have had the house and cars put in his name. He allowed us to live here on his terms. And we wouldn’t have had it any other way. He loved his brother Juicy.

We are so grateful that when his time came on the morning of January 16, 2015, it came fast. He did not suffer. At 15, he had a good run. His heart was giving out the VET said. And only the day before when I picked
him up to take him outside he was trying to steal a Snickers bar out of my mouth. He got most of it too. He was still chasing the Canadian Geese the day before guarding his property.

We were so honored to have you Eddie. I will be forever heartbroken you are no longer in my life or house. I will forever miss that goofy walk. We loved you so deeply.

If I never see my relatives in the afterlife, I am ok with that. I had enough of them while on earth. But if I never saw my boys, you, Yoyo, TJ or Oscar again I would be heartbroken.

I will see you when I get to the bridge son. Please be there waiting.

Love always, your Dad!