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Story submitted 2014-07-03
Hello! My name is Milo and I guess I’ve just been too busy enjoying life to share my story sooner.

Two and a half years ago I was adopted by a pair of newlyweds, after spending a month or so with awesome DRNA foster mom Judy.

My people, Liz and Ben, had been looking for a slightly older dachshund, but when they saw my profile and photos online, something in my eyes told them we were meant to be together even though I was only three years old. When they came to meet me at Judy’s house I greeted them so enthusiastically that it sealed the deal.

I guess they made the right choice because we’re a very happy family!

I like to impress Liz and Ben with my house training skills and gentlemanly house manners. I love my toys, my cozy fort (they call it my “crate”), my blankets, and cuddling and lounging around -- especially in the sun, of course! (The picture is of me and one of my most favorite toys.) Liz and Ben say I am the most skillful blanket-burrower they’ve ever known. I continue to make progress with my introductory social skills, and I have a few doggy friends, including my “cousin”, who also happens to be a rescue dachshund.

I’m so glad DRNA pulled me from the shelter and gave me a chance to find such a great forever home, and I hope all the other DRNA dachles who are available for adoption find theirs too.

~ Milo (#09713)