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Dear Chili, Tag #1728
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Story submitted 2013-12-26
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Dear Chili,

Today, as I write this, it’s one year since you went into the hospital - a week before you passed away. It’s taken me this long to get enough strength to write these final words to you.

You were such a dedicated little boy. From that very first thorn I removed from your paw to earn your trust, and from the moment we both woke every morning to a new day - you were my closest friend. You helped me with the passing of Grampy more than I will probably ever realize. Every day you would hang out with me until Grammy woke and would keep her company the rest of the day. Well, more like be her shadow the rest of the day. You loved your Grammy very much. Her passing, almost a month to the day, prior to your own on 12-2-2012 was from a broken heart. Daddy understands this and it’s okay little man. Although I rescued you (or did you rescue me) and although we had many years (he was 16) of companionship, you were and still are hard to let go of. You were definitely Grammy’s boy once she moved in with us. But, that was always perfectly fine with me. We were always buddies.

You always knew what you wanted and when you wanted it. And “it” was pure love. No other definition or explanation exists for you other than pure love.

Although your passing was an incomprehensible loss, I know that I’m so much richer for you letting me share in your life; even those last few days when you were probably ready to go - although I wasn’t, you hung on so we could all come to you to say goodbye. You were a gentle soul through and through. Just the purest soul a person could ever encounter. You were full of love and are an irreplaceable presence.

You were the most genuine of friends. Again, even at the end, you spared me the pain of having to put you to sleep and you crossed the Bridge with the guidance of your Grammy. Holding your little self in my arms, singing to you gently and wishing you well on your journey across the Bridge was one of the hardest things I’ve ever personally had to do. But I know you’re a happy, healthy puppy again - running and jumping across the meadows with the other pups (that you never really liked down here ;-). I know you’re together again with your beloved Grammy. And that brings me immense comfort.

I'll miss you forever Chili. Thank you for sharing your life with me and giving to our family the unconditional love and support only you could.

One year later, writing this is still difficult. And that’s because I miss you my boy. But, I'll see you at the Bridge one day. I hope I served you well. Say “hi” to Grammy for me and continue to watch out for her as you always did.

Forever and ever and always,


(with Mommy, Aunt Dee, Doctor Aunt Liz and the rest of your pack)

Chili and his turtle