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Cranky Frankie
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Story submitted 2013-06-26
My name is Frankie¬Ě sometimes known as Cranky Frankie. When I was rescued by DRNA, I was one day away from being euthanized. I was driven to Maryland from Georgia via the doxie underground I went into a temporary home while my name was put on the DRNA adoption list. Lori (Mom) and Doug (Dad) already loved two dachshunds, but opened their hearts for an older dog like me. When Dad first met me, he asked if I had a southern drawl when I barked. Beth Middleman from DRNA arranged a meeting to see if I would be greeted willingly by my new brother and sister, Bruto and Princessa. We all got along in the front yard and I began a new forever life together. I still had a little problem in that I like to lift my leg occasionally on this really nice white leather furniture. After about a year and half, I have stopped with the furniture, but occasionally find some other place to lift my leg. Mom has taught me that I must not lift my leg in the house. They have this really big yard where Bruto, Princessa and I are able to run, explore and chase each other. This is where my Mom takes lots of pictures of us and has even written two books about our backyard adventures. My favorite thing to do is to chew on rawhide bones as they taste so yummy! I am protective about my bone that I have chewed and made nice and chewy. I bark at Bruto when he takes my bone. Mom will give all three of us a bone, but I must have all three bones as mine. Each day I squeak for either a place to lay (because I usually like laying in the middle) or squeak that one of the other dogs has my bone. I think that my mom gets tired of me squeaking, but I know she loves me. She has figured out all my different squeaks and what they mean. At times, I really squeak when the school buses arrive with the children coming home from school. I really like children. I squeak when it is time to eat dinner, which is usually around 5:00 PM. When they take me to the vets to get my nails cut, I do not like this. I like my vet and the car rides, but not my nails being cut!! My new big brother, Bruto had problems walking because he hurt his back shortly after I came to my new forever home. They used needles which Mom and Dad told me that this was called acupuncture. Bruto now runs through the house and around the yard and we all enjoy our backyard adventures together. Sometimes when we tire out, we lay and sun ourselves on the deck. My dad will ask me if I want to take a nap with him and we all go and take a nap in this really BIG bed. We have a queen size bed that is all ours on the bedroom floor. Can't beat that! The best parts are that I am loved and truly spoiled along with Bruto and Princessa. We get extra treats in our food and even a few healthy treats throughout the day. We all love asparagus, green beans and all types of vegetables. I am really HAPPY and love my forever home and family. Yep, that's what we are is family¬Ě.