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Story submitted 2012-03-28
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It took 2 days and 2 months to write this because we miss him so very much. Sadly, our sweet JD passed on January 25, 2012. He was about 14. We will never know for sure. This we do know: JD came to us when he was about 7 or 8 thru the good folks at DRNA on Mother's Day weekend 2004, and as I was fond of telling JD: we never had a moments regret in choosing him.

JD was a love bug and my unofficial therapy dog. He joined Sadie Paige and we made a nice family. Although JD was younger than Sadie, I always told him he was such a good big brother to her. While JD was sturdy and friendly and loved having folks visit the house, Sadie preferred a small circle of people but took comfort in her JD. We all did. JD was a happy sweet soul and he loved car rides!

Our JD was diagnosed with bladder cancer in October. Surgery was not an option. We took JD home, gave his medicine, watched him closely, and loved up on him even more (if that was humanly possible) enjoying a mild autumn and winter. He kept me company thru my ankle surgery at Christmas. If you live in Lake Ridge VA, you may have seen us - me on my blue scooter and a cast, with JD walking alongside on his leash. In January, we learned that JD was not responding to the medicine. Two days later, we decided to help JD make the transition. This sounds like a scripted for TV moment, but JD kissed my face with his last breath as his dad stroked his fur and I told JD about his big round brown eyes - the color of Hershey chocolate, and how much we loved him.

There will never be another JD, nor a Sadie Paige. We will adopt again (after family travels and continued health recovery); JD remains with us everyday in our hearts.