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Story submitted 2011-10-11
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He was such a dedicated friend, from the moment we both woke in the morning after he snuggled his way onto my chest to waiting in the big bed until his daddy came home from work and I stuck my head in the bedroom and waved for his friend. His routine was to read the paper with his daddy and if he got tired of how long it took daddy, well he just leaned back and stared in my eyes until I was too guilty and put the paper down and gave him hugs and chest scratching sessions! Mr. P knew what he wanted, when he wanted it and it was always just pure love. No other definition or explanation exists, pure pure love.

I'm so much richer for him letting me share in his life, even if it was the last few years of his life. He was a gentleman through and through, there is no other way to describe him. Just the most gentle soul a person could ever encounter, full of love and just a handsome and dapper gentleman.

Mr. P (or Mr. Perfect as we called him) was unique and the most genuine of friends. We helped him cross the bridge in the early morning hours on Monday. Wishing my friend the best and letting him cross the bridge was the hardest thing I have ever personally had to do but he is a puppy again, running and jumping across the meadows with the other pups.

I'll miss you forever Mr. P. Thank you for sharing your life and giving us the love you gave us.

I miss my friend but I'll see you at the Bridge. I hope I served you well.

Forever and ever and always,

Daddy, Mommy and the rest of our pack.