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Story submitted 2011-10-11
My name is Billy (DRNA #07777). Before I found my "forever" home the only information people knew about me was that I came out of the state of Georgia and I was placed in a foster home in southwestern PA. Oh yes, at that time I was 15 years old ... and I do mean old! Since I'm an older dog my memory sometimes isn't the greatest buy my current partner tells me (and everybody who will listen!) that I was her first, and only, successful Internet date! Me and my partner will be forever grateful to DRNA for the great medical treatments and foster care I received before coming to Vermont. I suspect if I hadn't been take out of Georgia when I was, my days might have been limited. When they found me I had to have my coat shaved because I was so dirty and matted. I had an enlarged heart, a heart murmur, and my vocal cords had been clipped. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you ... I'm a double-dapple (something the breeders aren't suppose to do because of the recessive gene factor) hence, I have blue eyes and one of them is blind.

So, imagine the surprise when I arrived in Vermont and my first stop was at my new vet. His only comment to my partner was, "What have you done now?!" You see, my partner and best buddy only likes old dogs, old cats and old people! We all agreed we would take it slowly to see how I would do. After building up on good nutrition and love, It was decided I needed more mouth surgery ... a bit risky for a pup like me with an enlarged heart and murmur. But I pulled through with flying colors and now am one of the few of my kind with a hole from the top of my mouth into my nasal cavity ... you'd be surprised what comes flying out of my nose sometimes when I have a good sneeze! Also since the surgery my heart murmur has disappeared ... that's what love and a stress-free life can do!

One other thing this that my partner discovered is I probably hadn't walked on cement or asphalt very much, if at all. You see, the pads of my paws are a soft as a baby's bottom. No kidding! So walking on sidewalks is NOT my greatest joy ... but I'm getting better and better at it ... it only takes me about 45 minutes to walk a short block! My partner says I do the "Southern Boy's Stroll!" Get me on soft green grass or in the halls of the retirement home my partner works at and watch me go! I just zip around, ears flapping and a big smile on my face!

About 5 months ago I finally started "dancing" around when I heard my food dish being filled and then, to my surprise (and my partner's), I started barking! I sound pretty weird -- kind of like a seal barking ... but it feels so good to be soooooo happy! Guess what my food dish says on the side ... "Life Is Good"! It certainly is!

Again, my partner and I just want to thank everyone associated with DRNA and encourage others to look at adopting senior dogs. Besides, if you have a tag #7777, there's no way you can't win!

Betsy and Billy Preston
Colchester, Vermont