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Elvis and Delta
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Story submitted 2011-07-11

Thank you DRNA, you have found a friend for life. I adopted Elvis (red and white) and Delta (white) in May and July of 2010. I was awaiting the completion of Elvis’ adoption when Delta’s profile was posted. I was not looking for two dogs but Delta looked like such a precious lamb in her picture I couldn’t help but look. One quick view of her history and I knew Elvis and I would be welcoming her into our home.

Although it took most of the ride from NY to RI for him to realize I was no threat, Elvis adjusted quickly to his new home. He is such a wonderful dog and I’m confident we’ve both brought so much to each other’s lives. Elvis can’t stand to be away from me, loves to go for walks and rides in the car, and greets me at the door with spins of excitement and lots of welcome home licks. Elvis is my new shadow!!! He also loves to lay on top of or next to me when he’s finally wound down for the night. Now if Elvis would only learn to share his toys or bones!!

Delta came from a horrible background. Knowing how her first 14 years had been and what she went through to get healthy again I knew she would need a little extra attention. Her heart murmur is better, she has learned to eat a lot of different foods with no teeth, and has improved even more than what she had overcome with her wonderful foster mother. A lot of time, patience, and love and Delta has thrived. She loves to go for walks and when she tires out, loves to get in her carrier and enjoy the rest of the walk on my chest. She loves Bil-Jak treats that she can easily chew and occasionally will chew, or in her case gum, a rawhide chew.

Delta was not overly trusting when she came home, understandable considering her background. We have bonded in the year since she’s been a part of the family. She gets excited when I come home, loves to play a bit with Elvis, and even wants to cuddle with us. I know she doesn’t have a long life left but I hope that her last years with us make up for what she survived in her first 14 years.

I may be their adopter, but Elvis and Delta just may own me as much as I own them!!!