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Story submitted 2011-06-29
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it has been an happy new year for me since I came to the state of Retirement! Really I'm now a Hoosier, my occupation is officially listed as "retired". My name was revised to Jules since the Pickett family already had a Julie. My mom says I am another one of her precious "jewels" (diamonds, emeralds, pearls)

At my forever home with my mom & dad (Sheryle & Ron) I have a sister, Bear (chow/bassett mix, very camera shy)who was also rescued 8 yrs ago. When I got here on Nov 15, I was very scared and spent a lot of time in my little house in the front room (that's what Dad calls my crate). But soon I was running to the front door to greet mom, made friends with Bear and learned that Dad will share food. Due to my prior experiences with men, it is taking me longer to warm up to him. My daily schedule is eat, potty, play, and sleep.....repeat as necessary. Also when my mom is done with her evening chores, I snuggle up with her on our loveseat and help her read! I get lots of XOXOXOXOs. I have not only claimed the loveseat (Bear has the couch with Ron)but also the furry brown throw.

Santa was soooooooo good to me. I got a new pink polka dot collar (finally after 35 yrs my mom gets to buy for a girl), a red & blue sweater, a bed just my size, and a life size squirrel toy (I found the squeaker in his tail). (see attached picture) My grandma, Marita got me & Bear monogrammed kerchiefs for Christmas, mine is purple paisley with gold stitching. So much love!!!!

My brother, Michael has a pug, Dudley (also rescued). I'm not sure I like Dudley, he is so hyper! But he was only here for Christmas Eve!

I am so thankful for DRNA and the wonderful people who rescued me and for foster mom Lois who showered me with love until my forever home was found.

I guess that's it. Everything is going great and I couldn't be happier than I am now at my new home. I hope all the other little dudes at the rescue are as lucky as I've been. I would also like to give a shout out to my foster home buddy Max. I hope you're doing well and big ups to the Leesburg, VA foster home who made my transition real smooth.

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