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Story submitted 2011-06-29
When Jordan came to live with us a little over a year ago, he was a nervous little man, scared of everyone, and so skinny his vertebrae jutted out like shark teeth. Right after eating, he curled up on my husband's chest, and that's where he spent his first night with us. Since then he's filled out nicely - now he's a healthy ten pounds! He has a lot more confidence now, too. He prances around the house with his tail up happily and chases after his two doxie sisters, and while he's still cautious about meeting new people, they don't frighten him nearly as much as they used to. Jordan has fit so nicely into our household, and every day we have with him, we're grateful we had the chance for him to come live with us. He's such a special little man. Thanks, DRNA, for helping Jordan join our family!
Thank you!

contributed September 2008